Mediation Conflict Management Strategies and Methods


Conflict at home and the workplace is inevitable. This is because people have different personalities, objectives. They also use different points of view when analyzing something. Due to this fact, people will get into conflicts due to various reasons. First, you can get into workplace conflict because you are disagreeing on a certain action that needs to be taken. You can also disagree due to personalities and lifestyles.

Duty and job performance is another source of conflict among workers. Punctuality and efficiency while discharging duties are other causes of conflicts in the workplace. However, there is no need to file court litigations in order to solve these in-house arguments. Getting mediator is the best method. Workplace conflict management through mediation will advantageous to both the conflicting parties as well as the business.

For the employees and workers, the chances of losing their job are very low. Job disruptions are also few compared to a litigation process. For the employers and organizations, reputation and image are not tarnished or affected. However, in order for mediation to be effective when resolving conflict in the workplace, the mediator needs to employ different strategies. Read mediation career guide here!

  1. Listen and understand each side.

In order for mediation to be successful, you need to give each side enough time to explain itself. Giving each party to express their concerns will help in making things clear for you. Once you understand who is at fault, you will be able to give effective opinions on how they should solve their problems. In fact, the mediator is not supposed to make decisions on behalf of the conflicting parties. However, when he or she understands who is at fault, he will be able to guide them through the reconciliation process.  Be sure to watch this video at for more insights about mediation.

  1. Hold a joint discussion.

This is another strategy you can always employ when managing conflicts in the workplace. In order to get a long-lasting solution to the problem. You need to hold a joint discussion with both parties. The main role of the discussion is to involve decisions, opinions, and contributions that these conflicting parties have towards solution finding. On the other hand, the joint discussion will help in eliminating enmity and improving relationships.

  1. Do not escalate tensions.

This is one of the most successful online mediation training strategies used in the workplace. There are different ways in which a mediator can escalate tensions in these conflict parties. First, you can do so by issuing proactive moves and threats. This will not help in problem-solving but problem escalation. Therefore, in order for this process to be successful, you need to ease tension between these two parties.

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